The photo blog of Kelli, Mike & Gizmo, currently kickin' it in Pormpuraaw, Cape York.

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Dry July – Fires & Infrared.

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Long time, no post.

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2012 – 2013

We decided to clean up this blog and give it a new look. So this is a gallery of all the photos we posted on, from 2012 to the end of 2013. Thanks for the nice feedback.  Mike & Kelli


Burning Ring Of Fire

This eclipse happened in Pormpuraaw on the 10th of May 2013. These photos were featured on the front page of Gizmodo, Popular Science and many other blogs, which still link to this post.. So thats why I’ve kept it here..  


Total Solar Eclipse

An amazing morning Pormpuraaw.


Hello Friends

We thought we should put together a blog, so that we can show you guys some of the photos from our latest adventures. As of yesterday we’re living in a remote town in Far North Queensland, Pormpuraaw. Below is a shot from one of our last few nights on the… 

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